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We are welknown and appreciated widely in india. This means we sell the most products and have the largest inventory for your needs.  With over 1300 dealers all over India of our Quality products. We are sure we produce the perfect match for your need.



Manufacturing Brushes ...

Today, GEBI PRODUCTS is proud of having the finest Brush Making Machines from Italy.

These machines are not only capable of producing almost all kinds of Brushes, but they are also capable of producing the Brushes in huge quantities with very high accuracy.



Gebi PVA Sponges

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GEBI PVA Sponge is a synthetic sponge primarily composed of polyvinyl alcohol foam. it posseses a three-dimesional open cell structure similar to that of a natural sea sponge. All cells are interconnected and not independent. Advantages of this physical structure include high filtering efficiency, extreme softness and excellent wicking and retention properties. More...



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Cellulose Wipe

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Richline Iron Brush

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Dust Clean Set

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Wiper