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uccessfully engaged in manufacturing a wide range of cleaning products since early nineties, GEBI Products offers wide range of cleaning items like Toilet Brushes, Tile Brushes, Sink Brushes, Brooms, PVA Mops, PVA Sponge, Cotton / Cloth Mops, PU Mops, Dust Mops, Floor Wipers, Kitchen Wipers, Glass Cleaners, Scrubbers, Plungers and Body Care. GEBI manufactures cleaning products which are of high standards. All the items are specially designed with meticulous importance to offer optimum convenience during cleaning floor, toilet, kitchen, sink, utensil, window, bathroom, furniture, carpet, bottle, car, ceiling and so on...

GEBI is the ONLY manufacturer of PVA products in INDIA since last more than 1 decade. PVA sponge is the best absorbing sponge compared to any other type of sponge available in the world today. Currently GEBI manufactures PVA sponge blocks, PVA mops, PVA Chamois & PVA rollers.

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PVA sponge has many Domestic and Industrial applications for cleaning purpose. We are continuously searching for the new uses of its PVA sponge.

GEBI is well known brand & leading manufacturer in India since more than 2 decades. Our products are
available in India as well as exported to many other countries.

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